Public Datasets And Code​​

Public Datasets and Code

The next few decades will see pervasive autonomous control systems become critical to the world economy—from autonomous cars and aircraft to smart homes, smart cities, and vast energy, communication, and financial networks controlled at multiple scales. Protecting these systems from malicious attacks is a matter of urgent societal interest.

Our secure perception research has focused on an emergent



  • Cornell Scintillation Simulation Toolkit: This package allows the user to simulate ionospheric scintillation with a given S4 and τ0. Functions are written in Matlab and produce a data output file that can be input to a Spirent GPS Signal Simulator. This can be useful both for comparing multiple receivers when tracking under identical scintillation conditions, and for testing receiver performance under a wide range of scintillation severity.  The simulator is based on the paper Humphreys, Todd E., et al. “Simulating ionosphere-induced scintillation for testing GPS receiver phase tracking loops.” IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing 3.4 (2009): 707-715.