A new method is developed for integer ambiguity resolution in carrier-phase differential global navigation satellite system (CDGNSS) positioning. The method is novel in that it is simultaneously (1) data-driven, (2) generalized to include partial ambiguity resolution, and (3) amenable to a full analytical characterization of the prior probabilities of correctly- and incorrectly-resolved ambiguities. The technique is termed generalized integer aperture bootstrapping, or GIAB. A full development of GIAB is provided herein, including sizing its integer aperture to usually produce a higher prior probability of full ambiguity resolution than comparable existing methods. In Monte-Carlo simulations, GIAB is shown to provide nearly optimal ambiguity resolution success rates of full ambiguity resolution for relevant integrity requirements under strong models while enabling partial ambiguity resolution.

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G. Nathan Green, and Todd E. Humphreys "Data-Driven Generalized Integer Aperture Bootstrapping for High-Integrity Positioning," To appear.