The Global Positioning System has become increasingly incorporated into civilian infrastructure. The increase in GPS-integrated systems has caused a proportional increase in the vulnerability of these systems to jamming and interference. The interests of individuals or groups willing to break the law may be served by interfering with the normal operation of GPS-enabled systems. As a result, in recent years many GPS jamming devices have become available for purchase over the Internet. These relatively cheap devices, some costing less than an inexpensive GPS receiver, pose a significant risk to the normal operation of many systems reliant on GPS.

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Mitch, R.H., R.C. Dougherty, M.L. Psiaki, S.P. Powell, B.W. O’Hanlon, J.A. Bhatti, and T.E. Humphreys, "Know Your Enemy Signal Characteristics of Civil GPS Jammers," GPS World, January, 2012.

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