Awards from the Institute of Navigation

February 2020: The Institute of Navigation presented awards at their International Technical Meeting in January. These recipients are affiliated with the Radionavigation Laboratory:

  • Dr. Zaher (Zak) Kassas (left) is a former member of the lab and current professor at the University of California, Irvine. He won the 2019 Institute of Navigation Thurlow Award “for foundational work in the theory and practice of exploiting signals of opportunity for accurate and reliable positioning, navigation and timing.”
  • Dr. Todd Humphreys (center) was elected as a 2020 ION Fellow “for significant and fundamental contributions to PNT security and precise GNSS positioning for the mass market, and for dedication to GNSS education and outreach.” See articles from GPS World and the Cockrell School of Engineering.
  • Dr. Ramsey Faragher (right) is the CEO of Focal Point Positioning and a close friend of the lab. He was awarded the 2019 Per Enge Early Achievement Award “for outstanding innovations in mobile positioning and navigation, and in particular for pioneering the revolutionary SuperCorrelation technology.” See this article from The Royal Society about his collaboration with Dr. Humphreys.