Call for NATO response to GPS Interference in Europe

February 2024: As members of NATO in Europe face more and more GPS interference, some look to NATO for a response. There have been numerous reports of GPS spoofing and jamming towards recent members like Finland, older members like Poland, and prospective members like Sweden.

These GPS interference events are believed to be conducted by Russia. The RNL’s Zach Clements found that a number of transmitters are involved spread across a wide area. Both jamming for denial of service, as well as spoofing have been observed, with the latter causing commercial aircraft instruments showing them “far from their actual location and flying in a circle”. Clements Clements is reasonably sure about the source of the circle spoofing inside Russia as “[t]he points at which the aircraft began to be impacted by the spoofing and where they regained authentic GPS indicate that the spoofer is somewhere in western Russia. Interestingly, the location the aircraft were spoofed to is a field about a kilometer from Russia’s decommissioned Smolensk military airbase.” Other researchers, like Zixi Liu at Stanford, confirm some of these findings.

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