Defense Department Moves to Augment GPS with Alternatives

Since its inception, global reliance on GPS has increased tremendously. The Department of Defense has recognized this dependence as a single point-of-failure and is seeking to augment GPS with other systems to mitigate the effect of GPS jamming and spoofing. The goal is not to replace GPS, only to augment it with other redundant systems.

One potential solution are pseudo-satellites: “transmitters deployed in terrestrial constellations and, potentially, in aerial vehicles.” Other systems might target situational awareness: identifying when GPS has been compromised and informing commanding officers when it occurs.

“Situational awareness is critical in the cyberwarfare realm… Spoofing attacks that succeed keep targets in the dark long enough to accomplish their objectives, says Todd Humphreys… Conversely, targets want to detect an attack as soon as possible so they can take corrective action.”

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