GPS Spoofing Misguides Black Sea Ships

Black Sea shipping is the latest target of GPS spoofing, according to captains of these ships in late June of this year. The GPS receivers aboard the ships began to act erratically, reporting that the ships were on land or too far out at sea.

Dr. Humphreys says the evidence indicates that this wasn’t a case of signal jamming, rather it was a deliberate attack that falsifies GPS signals to misguide ships. Dr. Humphreys demonstrated in 2013 that this attack is legitimate and viable when he and his team used it to control a state-of-the-art yacht. 

“We’ve become so dependent on GPS that we have let the other systems atrophy”, Dr. Humphreys warns. While there are ways to detect spoofing, we must not forget the other tools we have available and rely solely on GPS.

Listen to the five minute long podcast segment with Dr. Humphreys starting at 19:15.