Israel’s GPS spoofing disrupting all GPS-dependent operations

July 2024: GPS spoofing signals in the Eastern Mediterranean have reportedly been affecting areas in Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Cyprus. These signals affect various operations, the most worrying being aviation. “Researchers from SkAI Data Services, using information from the OpenSky Network, detected almost 2,000 spoofed planes” over a recent 72-hour period. The RNL’s researchers have geolocated the transmitter to an air base in northern Israel.

Beyond commercial aviation, the spoofing affects Hezbollah’s Iran-supplied “arsenal of GPS-guided munitions, including drones,” with Israeli military spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari saying “[they] are aware that these disruptions cause inconveniences, but it is a vital and necessary tool in [their] defensive capabilities.” In addition to the intended military targets, and unintended commercial aviation, the spoofing affects maritime shipping and everyday civilians (Google maps, food delivery, dating apps). The RNL’s Dr. Humphreys says “his is an attempt to use the most potent form of GPS electronic and navigational warfare. Yet they cannot contain the spoofing to just the borders of Israel, because they need it to overwhelm receivers that are designed to resist such spoofing. They need to have many times the traditional power to overcome a GPS receiver, so the signals are being felt all the way out to Cyprus.” For more details on the story, visit the article here.