Research by CARMEN (Center for Automated Vehicles Research with Multimodal AssurEd Navigation) to Reduce GPS Vulnerabilities

October 2021: An article on Forbes titled “New Ohio State Research Reduces GPS Vulnerabilities” goes into some detail about research being conducted to reduce GPS vulnerabilities. CARMEN, the Center for Automated Vehicles Research with Multimodal Assured Navigation, directed by Professor Zak Kassas, and including Professors Todd Humphreys and Chandra Bhatt from The University of Texas at Austin, is focusing on reducing GPS vulnerabilities. With emergency workers, shipping boats, aircraft and even our power production relying on GPS for positioning and timing it is no surprise there is a massive interest in reducing its vulnerability to jamming and spoofing. Ideas such as using 5G or LEO satellite signals for navigation have been successfully explored from Dr. Kassas’s team. Dr. Humphreys’s team is examining risk identification and signal authentication using terrestrial signals. To read more see the article here.