RNL Alumni Wins Prestigious Parkinson Award

October 2021: RNL alumnus Dr. Lakshay Narula (PhD, 2020) won the Bradford W. Parkinson Award, recognizing an outstanding graduate student in the field of Position, Navigation, Timing (PNT) and/or Applications.  Lakshay Narula’s Ph.D. dissertation is a substantial and foundational contribution to the PNT community. It makes four primary contributions, one of which has already been favorably recognized by the ION community: his work in all-weather precise positioning for automated vehicles, published at the ION PLANS 2020 conference, was awarded the Walter Fried award — the conference’s highest honor — for its technical depth and potential impact.  As fully developed in his dissertation, this work offers both novel theory and a fully-functional experimental pipeline with impressive field-test results.

The announcement can be found here.