RNL Drone Team Ventures to Johnson Space Center

July 2023: A group of 6 students dubbed “DJI But Butter” have been working on improving the RNL’s game-engine by extending the Machine Games demos over the summer. The group, along with an RNL graduate student, took a trip to Houston’s NASA facility to get inspired and stave off summer boredom!

During their visit, they were shown around the internals of the facility, talked to members of the Space Medicine team about how they keep astronauts’ health in check, and got to see the new mission control. Furthermore, they were shown some of the reconstructions of the ISS and space shuttle on the ground, used for training.

From left to right the people depicted are Nick Franken, Maxwell Stein, Kellen Cao, Inyoung Kim, Pramuka Perera, Wenkai Qin, and Dao Ton-Nu.