RNL Hosts Location Panel at Texas Wireless Summit, October 2012

The 10th annual Texas Wireless Summit continues the tradition of providing a forum for industry leaders to discuss emerging technologies and business models that will shape the industry over the upcoming two to three years. Co-hosted by the Austin Technology Incubator and The University of Texas at Austin’s Wireless Networking and Communications Group (WNCG), The Summit has direct access to cutting edge research and innovations from industry leaders, investors and startups. The Texas Wireless Summit is a keynote and panel driven discussion that enables the speakers and audience to engage to drive the conversation forward.

The location keynote address was given by Kanwar Chadha CEO and founder of Inovi and founder of SiRF. 

On the location panel were Kanwar Chadha, Bernard Briggs (CTO of T3), and Alexander (Sasha) Mitelman (Navigation Consultant).