Südwestrundfunk Features Dr. Humphreys on GNSS Spoofing

May 2021: German broadcasting station Südwestrundfunk (SWR) featured Dr. Humphreys in their news report on GNSS spoofing. In his interview, Dr. Humphreys explains the leading theory on GNSS spoofing in Syria: that the Russian military has been deploying a “bubble of GPS spoofing” to help protect Vladimir Putin on his visits there. Watch the news broadcast on YouTube here.

This report, entitled “Above Us Only Stars,” is an in-depth review of the Russian spoofing activity. The RNL was a major contributor to this report. 

RNL member Matthew Murrian’s paper “GNSS Interference Monitoring from Low Earth Orbit” describes how the RNL detected spoofing activity in Syria via a receiver on the International Space Station.