Video Shows Moments Before Uber Robot Car Rammed Into Pedestrian

A self-driving Uber vehicle ran into and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, AZ on Sunday, March 18th. The video collected by the Tempe police show the moments leading up to the collision. The vehicle was traveling around 40 mph at around 10 pm at night when the vehicle struck a woman walking her bike across the road. The self-driving vehicle made no attempt to brake or swerve before the impact. The human operator was looking down for approximately five seconds before the crash.

Uber’s vehicles are equipped with laser sensors, radar, and cameras used to detect its surroundings. “The video is damning for Uber”, said Todd Humphreys. “This appears to have been a serious failure of the Uber perception system … This accident calls into question Uber’s ability to correctly and promptly interpret its data.”

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