Wardriving Captures Dynamic GPS and Cellular CDMA Signals, December 2010

Austin, TX — Members of the Radionavigation Laboratory went on a full day excursion to capture simultaneous GPS and Cellular CDMA spectrum via the lab’s powerful National Instruments radio frequency signal analyzers. Over 1.5 TB of spectral data were recorded at 37.5 MSps with the goal of characterizing dynamic GPS multipath, exploring tightly-coupled opportunistic navigation, and evaluating GPS jamming mitigation techniques. The data log files are available here for download. Interested parties can request this data for their own post processing needs.For a visual representation of the multipath encounterd, the data can be plotted in Google maps/earth. To see the visuals:1) go to the test listing.2) copy the “http:.// … .kml?rand=99” URL of the test to map3) open Google maps and paste the URL in the search bar