SpaceX satellites are changing the war on the ground in Ukraine

June 2022: SpaceX’s Starlink has been playing a significant role in keeping Ukraine connected both internally among themselves as well as with the outside world. Accounts of Starlink being used on the front lines range from communication about “last-minute orders”, keeping informed on the national news and even entertainment. It is safe to say that this communication network has thwarted Russian efforts to damage the communication networks within Ukraine since the more than 11,000 Starlink stations there are in use by every day people all the way up to the President of the country for communication with his people as well as foreign leaders. The impact Starlink has had on the situation in Ukraine has showcased that LEO satellites in a constellation make it increasingly difficult to take down. That paired with the adaptability of pushing up new changes to the satellite’s code make cyberattacks less crippling to the communication system. The full¬†Politico¬†article can be accessed here.