Starlink’s help in Ukraine during wartime

June 2022: Starlink’s terminals have been playing an active role in keeping Ukraine’s communication networks running. They are used to “coordinate artillery fire and operate drones” in addition to providing the people, and even the Ukrainian President himself, internet access from remote and cut-off areas in the country. According to the Ukrainian government, there are reports of up to 10 Km of cables used for communication having been destroyed in specific areas. With over 14,000 Starlink terminals, Ukraine has managed to keep its communication network running. According to the RNL’s Dr. Humphreys, Russia has “demonstrated a keen interest in disrupting communication lines” as is clear from their initial cyber attacks on ViaSat terminals in Ukraine and other parts of Europe. Dr. Humphreys further stated that the apparent capability of Russia locating active Starlink terminals is much below what was anticipated. Having an active communication network for civilians has also proven vital since the people in Ukraine can get critical information promptly and counteract Russian propaganda about their actions in Ukraine. The full story is covered here by Voice of America.